A Service Of the Springfield Rotary Foundation

RFS will install an in-ground flagpole receptacle on the Customer’s property. The location of the flagpole receptacle will be, based on the Customer’s street address, one of the following:

  • the residence or office building side of the front sidewalk
  • the residence of office building side of the front street-side ditch
  • up to fifteen feet from the edge of the addressed street in front of the residence or office building

The receptacle will consist of a conduit placed the ground and when not in use may include a conduit cover.

RFS shall deliver an American Flag with solar-powered light to be displayed on the customer’s property on Memorial Day, July Fourth, Flag Day and Labor Day. The flag will be delivered up to 7 days prior to the display date and will be retrieved within 7 days following the display date. RFS reserves the right not to deliver flags during periods of weather, existing or projected, that would put its staff at risk or would be unfavorable for the display of flags.

Customer will take reasonable care of the in-ground receptacle, flag, pole and light each of which remains the property of RFS. Customer will report any issues with the RFS equipment promptly by calling 217-566-4326 or sending an email to

Billing shall be on an annual basis with the annual payment due on March 1st. The customer is obligated to payments until service is canceled. Cancellation can be done in writing delivered to Springfield Rotary Foundation, P.O. Box 615, Springfield, Illinois, 62705 or via email to Cancellations can be at any time, but there shall be no refund for services cancelled after March 1.

Services here are provided on an as-available basis without warranties of any kind, expressed or implied. The Subscriber’s sole remedy and full extent of liability of RFS is limited to the amounts paid in the current year for services rendered.

In consideration of the services provided by RFS, each customer irrevocably agrees that subject to RFS sole and absolute discretion, all suits, actions or other proceedings in any way, manner or arising out of or from or related to the Service shall be subject to litigation in court located in Springfield, Illinois. Customer hereby waives trial by jury and consents and submits to the jurisdiction of any local, state or federal court located in Sangamon County, Illinois hereby waives any rights such customer may have to change the venue of any sit, action or proceeding arising in connection with the Service.

RFS reserves the right to change its above-mentioned Terms of Service at any time without notice.

Contact Info

Phone: (217)566-4326