Displaying our Country’s flag will be affordable, easy and automatic when you sign your home or business up for our new Rotary Flag Service! With your annual subscription, the Springfield Rotary Foundation will come out and place a pole holder in the ground, properly placed on your property. Then an American Flag will be placed prior to and picked shortly after each of the 4 Flag Holidays:


The flag and pole will also be removed and stored for you after each Holiday. Your total Annual Service Fee will be just $50.00!

Never Forget to Display the Flag Again! Just click on the link HERE and fill out your information.

Invite your neighbors to sign up too – and line YOUR Street with America’s Flag for each of the Holidays! Gift orders are available too. Your investment in Rotary Flag Service will do two things – first, make sure YOU have your flag displayed proudly for each Flag Holiday – and second – put the proceeds to work serving people in need in Springfield and beyond through the Springfield Rotary Foundation!

Contact Info

Phone: (217)566-4326

Email: flag@rotaryflagservice.com